A bridge to social, economic, and cultural vitality.

Our Mission

Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation’s mission is to provide strategic planning, development and direct management assistance for communities, community-based economic development organizations, research & academic institutions, and private entities seeking the acceleration of technology-based businesses. Incorporated into this mission is our goal to combat community deterioration in the City of Pittsburgh and other economically distressed areas of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Bob Meeder founded Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation in February 1998. The following year Bill Miller joined the company to assist in expanding business incubation both in Pittsburgh and on the campuses of Purdue University and Penn State University. In 2003 Jessica Lee came on board, initially as a consultant, bringing with her extensive experience in early-stage financing, business start-ups and management, as Gateways accepted contracts with the Pittsburgh Robotics Center and began to assist new ventures focused on medical diagnostic technologies. PGC added Ashleigh Pollard, Business Operations Manager, and Reginald Cox, Facilities Manager, in 2016.

By functioning as a “hands-on” strategic adviser, Gateways has worked to develop technology-based research centers and companies by negotiating, implementing and managing all phases of the business acceleration process. Since its inception, Gateways has established, or formed collaborative alliances with, over 30 technology centers, primarily in Western Pennsylvania, but extending throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.  The organization has also assisted in the formation of over 60 new or development-stage ventures, many of which are thriving today as successful business and economic development enterprises. Its efforts have contributed to the creation of thousands of jobs.

Highlighted Projects