News Briefs


The Energy Innovation Center "BANKED" All Phase 1 Construction Funding $44,324,631. On October 31st –A 4 year Effort!... The work continues

JASON GRILLE (Pirates) and Carlos Beltran (Cardinals) Joined The Clemente Society.

First Niagara Bank issues EIC a commitment for investment of $7,398,600 –September 4, 2013.

PNC Bank Re-enters the EIC Construction Project…replaces US Bancorp as lead New Markets Tax Credit Investor–Increases tax credits from $17.25 M to $26.25M.

Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development Invests $60,000 in Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation staff to advance the development of The Energy Innovation Center.

DreamMakers Career Interest Workshop 90 Young Men & Women Attended! Held at "Youth Places".




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