The Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation (PGC) is, first and foremost, an economic development organization. Among many of PGC’s programs and projects, one stands out as our “flagship” initiative:  The ownership, development and management of the Energy Innovation Center (EIC). The EIC represents this region’s objective by operating as a “P-4″ facility wherein the focus is on programs that  most effectively represent the best practices in urban sustainability that serve People (sustainable careers), Planet (ecological stewardship), Place (a complex that merges historic preservation with LEED Platinum specifications) and Performance (training, research, job creation, innovation). Hence the 4 “P’s.”

Pittsburgh’s challenges are much the same  as most other urban regions, so the work done at the EIC is easily adopted and adapted throughout the United States; and Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation regularly hosts corporate, government, education and community representatives in search of best practices and collaboration. Every “square inch” of our EIC complex is designed to train and demonstrate.

We invite you to explore our websites and our complex (7 acres and 250,000 sq.ft. of facilities) to investigate ways that we might work with you to advance innovation, produce tangible outcomes and share resources in the pursuit of urban sustainability. The EIC houses six post-secondary institutions and training institutes.  Last year we were honored to receive more than 14,000 visitors through tours, conferences, workshops, events and meetings.  On location we have offices, classrooms, event facilities, laboratories, shops and phenomenal sight lines to the City of Pittsburgh. Within our facilities we have infused more than 150 corporate technologies that operate our complex as an integrated design model of commercial building operations, the application of concurrent engineering principles, the display of next generation of building technologies and the process by which these sustainable systems can become the “wellspring” of workforce development.

The Pittsburgh Technology Council refers to the EIC as “Pittsburgh’s Powerhouse”, and Brookings Institute presented the Region’s plan to lead in specific sectors of innovation to community leaders at the EIC in September of 2017.

Additionally, you must ask us about our Arts initiatives in the development of “spines” of neighborhood development.

So, as you navigate the Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation website and Energy Innovation Center website, please know that we value inclusive, multi-disciplined collaborations as the springboards to innovation.



Robert A Meeder, Ph.D

Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation and
Energy Innovation Center