Our Mission

The EIC Kitchen aids those in need in underserved communities and industries in and around Pittsburgh. We provide, at no cost, meals and produce packages to nourish and support our families and neighbors when they need it most. The E.A.T. Initiative’s Third Meal project seeks to empower hungry communities by providing hot meals and fresh produce boxes with an end goal of educating families on how to prepare fresh and healthy meals in the home. The E.A.T. Initiative is a nonprofit that empowers communities to source and procure their own food, while raising awareness around health issues.

Together, the EIC Kitchen, the E.A.T. Initiative’s Third Meal collaborate to provide food to those in need and those suffering from food insecurity, working with Chef Claudy Pierre and his hardworking team to produce over 50,000 meals and produce boxes to date.



The EIC Kitchen is a program of Pittsburgh Green Innovators, Inc. that utilizes the $2.2 million commercial kitchen located in the Energy Innovation Center. It was founded to address the increased need for food for people whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through a network of entrepreneurs, the EIC Kitchen provides nutritious meals and meal kits to community members, neighbors and families affected by the pandemic.

Chef Claudy Pierre has been in the EIC Kitchen since March 2021,  helping to feed those in need in underserved communities in and around Pittsburgh. The activities in the EIC Kitchen have served people in need, including the unemployed, the underemployed, primary and secondary school students and at-risk seniors, all located in the Pittsburgh area. Neighborhoods served include Carrick, Mount Oliver, Arlington, Beltzhoover, Crafton Heights, Elliot, Sheridan, Marshall Shadeland, Manchester, Perry South, Middle Hill District, Upper Hill District, East Liberty, Garfield, Homewood and Lincoln.

For more information, see: Third Meal Report


Want to Donate? You can send a check made out to Pittsburgh Green Innovators, Inc., with “EIC Kitchen” or “EAT Initiative” in the memo line, to the below address. .

EIC Kitchen – E.A.T. Initiative
c/o Pittsburgh Green Innovators, Inc.
1435 Bedford Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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