EIC Gateways Cares is a branch of Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation that came about as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. We are dedicated to helping those in our community who are in need in any way we can.

Our programs and partners have taken on tasks such as feeding those in underserved communities and ensuring that front-line healthcare workers have access to the PPE they need. Keep reading to learn more about these efforts and how you can get involved.

The EIC Kitchen is a collaborative program involving Chef Claudy Pierre’s EAT Initiative to make and distribute meals to those in need.

Sewing for Angels is a volunteer network created by Mary Beth Kratsas and Becky Auer for the purpose of creating face masks for front-line healthcare workers.

During this coronavirus pandemic, the Crawford Grill Musicians Fund (powered by Pittsburgh Gateways) will help to pay musician honorariums for live and virtual performances. Please donate today to support our live musicians during this difficult time!