What words can suffice, help and heal? Where to begin? How can we be impactful in lasting ways? What actions can we take to be qualified to be accepted among the chorus of voices that will not fade in the aftermath of the deep grief of the murder of George Floyd? How different are we than those that stood by and watched this brutal act, if we just watch in horror and, then, become numb to the shock, or worse yet, become sidetracked by never-ending manipulation of truth? I must fight the disease of feeling numb to these moments of horror… this trail of tears and anguish goes back centuries.

On behalf of Pittsburgh Gateways and our Energy Innovation Center, I express our sympathies for this tragic, senseless loss. Our every single action in support of our mission is to develop a Center of P-4 sustainable development (People, Place, Performance & Planet). We will never, ever make progress toward our goals if we are not disciples of unqualified human justice, love and compassion.

I must begin with self-examination. The Corporations we staff and govern must deepen their focus by attending to social justice as a major “pier” within our strategic plan. We must listen for the voices that are suggesting new truths that heal. What is defined as progress must be questioned. The worst human state is reached when one has a sense of hopelessness. Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation and our Energy Innovation Center must generate hope and dignity, more now than ever.


Robert A. Meeder
CEO & President
Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation
Energy Innovation Center, LP