Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation (“PGC”) is proud to welcome Entrepreneurs Forever (“eforever”) as a new tenant of the Energy Innovation Center.

Renovations to eforever’s new offices are underway and occupancy is scheduled for mid-November.

Robert Meeder (PGC/EIC CEO & President) predicts that there will be more than a dozen “connect the dots” opportunities by and between the eforever organization and the work of many of the other 34 tenant companies and institutions now located at the Energy Innovation Center.

Eforever is a peer group program for small business owners in evolving communities with unmet needs for support. The program creates a long-term support structure for entrepreneurs who are often isolated, disconnected, and priced out of mainstream peer-to-peer organizations.

To date, it has provided education, access to peers, and consultative services to more than 400 small business owners.  Each peer group meeting is led by a trained facilitator and includes business updates, real-time problem-solving, and an interactive curriculum.

Developed for business owners who are beyond the start-up phase, eforever’s model has been carefully designed to progressively develop the skills needed to stabilize and grow their businesses, thus increasing family income, creating new jobs, and contributing to the vitality of their communities. The program cultivates long-term peer relationships and fosters business success and community-focused economic growth.

The eforever program is currently operating in communities across Southwestern Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Western New York.

For more information, please visit their website at entrepreneursforever.org.