“We’re thrilled to call the Energy Innovation Center home,” said Dr. Samuel Kernion, CorePower Magnetics’ Chief Executive Officer. “The space checked all of the boxes for our growing company. There’s exciting momentum and opportunities to collaborate with university and private industry. The EIC is at the epicenter of Pittsburgh’s clean energy movement so it makes sense that we establish roots for our clean tech start up here.”

CorePower Magnetics has collaborated with the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering to access incubator space where it will establish corporate offices as well as lab space for the manufacturing and assembly.

“CorePower’s focus on advanced materials in electric power puts them at the leading edge of new companies in the electric power industry and we are excited for them to join us at the EIC, and in particular the synergy that they will find with our GRID Institute’s Electric Power Research Lab,” noted David Vorp, the John A. Swanson Professor of Bioengineering and Associate Dean for Research at Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering. “When I first visited the Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center prior to its renovation, I quickly imagined the potential this space could provide to allow our faculty and researchers to perform applied research and to grow public-private research partnerships. The facilities that we built at the EIC have attracted both large companies and small startups, like CorePower Magnetics, to engage in unique research opportunities that we have created there.”

The CorePower Magnetics’ team has deep ties to Pittsburgh and creating sustainable jobs for the Pittsburgh region with broad global impact is at the heart of the company’s mission.

Robert Meeder, CEO & President of the Energy Innovation Center and Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation remarked, “CorePower Magnetics is as close to an ideal fit with the core mission of the EIC and Pitt’s Energy Technology Lab as a one could imagine. We are honored to have them at the EIC.”

About CorePower Magnetics, Inc

Established in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2020, CorePower Magnetics is bringing high performance power electronics components to market, building upon soft magnetics technologies invented at Carnegie Mellon University and the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Finished power electronics components including inductors and transformers operate with increased temperature stability in smaller, lighter packages.

The CorePower Magnetics founding team includes the inventors of the underlying technology, combined with the necessary business expertise to bring this technology to market. With deep experience across soft magnetics, manufacturing and commercializing technologies, CorePower Magnetics is ready to power the future.


Sam Kernion
Chief Executive Officer