For Energy Innovation Center Tenants, Stakeholders and Visitors

For your Information: Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Energy Innovation Center (EIC) is pleased to announce the addition of two new SemaConnect Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. These stations can charge all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and are safe, reliable and easy to use. As a LEED Platinum building, the EIC continues to add clean and sustainable energy, power generation and energy conversion systems, and these EV charging stations are a great example of that.

In the main parking lot you will find two designated parking spaces (just look for the lightning symbol on the pavement).

There are multiple ways to charge your Electric Vehicle:

1.       Tap your SemaConnect Pass on the front of the station (you can register for a new one of the SemaConnect website)

2.       Use the SemaConnect app

3.       Use the PlugShare app

4.       Visit the SemaConnect website,

5.       Call 800-663-5633

Funding for the EV charging stations came from:

1.       A donation of $6,100.00 from Epic Metals

2.       $7,600.00 from Pittsburgh Gateways and Energy Innovation Center, LP

3.       Prewiring and utility connections built in by Pittsburgh Gateways in an earlier construction phase

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the future.