The next revolution of industry is also changing the buildings we live and work in.

Digital tools for building management – part of what’s known as “intelligent infrastructure” – use a series of sensors, controls, and software to operate buildings in the most efficient way.

This provides better management of heating, cooling, water, lighting, and ventilation to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort.

In Pittsburgh, the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) is working with Siemens to expand its use of these smart-building technologies.

In 2014, the EIC began a massive renovation to help its entire facility run more efficiently. To achieve this, it installed an integrated building management system that allows energy usage to be continually monitored and adjusted.

“We are constantly striving to lead by example,” says Bill Miller, chief operations officer and vice president of the EIC. “This objective translates into a continuing effort to enhance our sustainability and performance initiatives.”

“Siemens’ smart-building technologies allow us to do this in an effective, comprehensive manner for operations, while also creating a better, productive environment for building occupants.”