The NFL Alumni Association’s Pittsburgh chapter has decided to locate its central offices at the Energy Innovation Center (EIC). Gus Frerotte, a Player Ambassador for the NFL Alumni Association and a 15-year veteran NFL quarterback, announced the decision, in addition to sharing his plans to also construct a shared use video production and broadcast studio in his company’s office suite.

“This is an exciting time to be leading the Pittsburgh NFL Alumni Chapter due to the current NFL Hall of Fame Village development that includes among many new initiatives the creation of a Human Performance Center for all sports, all ages,” Frerotte says.

He adds, “The central offices of the NFL Alumni National Association Academy will be headquartered at the Canton, Ohio, Hall of Fame Campus. The NFL Alumni Association headquarters will lead the development and implementation of a myriad of certified training initiatives to be ‘brought to life’ through the network of Alumni Chapters.”

The NFL Alumni National Association is led by Executive Director Dean Dalton. Dalton, during his visit to the EIC and subsequent planning sessions with Frerotte, emphasized that the Alumni Offices will play active roles in the development and implementation of Human Performance training. The NFL Hall of Fame Village expansion, now underway, is led by Michael Crawford.  Michael Crawford brings significant experience in his past roles with Disney, 4 Seasons Hotels and Cirque du Soleil.  At a recent Hall of Fame session Crawford began his presentation by proclaiming, “Media content is king,” and is structuring the elements of the Hall of Fame Village to be an international leader in that sector.

The NFL Alumni Association has long been a champion for underserved youth and U.S. veterans and families and intends to engage Pittsburgh in all facets of their programming. There are 37 NFL Alumni Association chapter offices in the United States.

Robert Meeder, CEO and President of Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation and the Energy Innovation Center, LP, noted that Frerotte has already forged collaborations with local television broadcasters, Imagine AR, Jonah Cooper Jr. LLC and Dr. Gary Russell’s Winning Profile.

Meeder says of Frerotte, “Gus is assembling an impressive array of resources in the pursuit of career performance development.  We are proud to have him at the EIC.  Stay tuned for additional career readiness announcements in the coming months!”

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