Party like it’s 1929: The bar was set high for the Q Ball after last year’s mesmerizing event, and this year’s did not disappoint. Quantum Theatre chose one of the most unusual venues in Pittsburgh — the Energy Innovation Center in Uptown, which provided a clean slate for whatever fantasy Quantum artistic director Karla Boos could imagine on Saturday night. “The entire building feels alive,??? she said. Celebrating surrealist art from Paris in the 20th century, nudes descended staircases, aerial silk performers entranced guests and the infectious sounds of Beauty Slap had the crowd on their feet all night. “I really enjoyed working with the visual artists and showcasing their work here tonight. Pittsburgh has so much potential,??? said co-chair Ryan Lammie, with Maddison Fyffe. Guests got into the spirit of the invite, which encouraged them to wear live lobsters and transparent clothing with fashion standouts like Tori Mistick, Adrienne Wehr (in a Richard Parsakian creation from Eons), John Gurman (who made his own transparent shirt) and Michele de la Reza, who wore butterfly wings. She laughed saying, “I can’t sneak around so well with these on!???

#SEEN: Co-chairs Tim McVay and David Bush, Janera Solomon and Jeremy Resnick, Bill and Vivian Benter, Ken and Pam McCrory, Terry Boyd, Peter Kope, Patrick Jordan and Eileen French, Gene Svrcek and Paul Gitnik, Elana Schlenker, Tracy Certo, Leigh Yock, Angela Morelli, Alice Beckett-Rumberger, Mariama Camara, Barbara Luderowski, Michael Olijnyk, Dave and Mary Beth Johnson, and Mary Murrin.

Source: Post Gazette