Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC and partner LX3 Holding, LLC to develop and manage economic development initiatives with Pittsburgh Gateways

Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation (PGC) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Philadelphia-based consulting firm, Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC, and its Atlanta-based partner, LX3 Holding, LLC, to develop and manage economic development initiatives in the areas of urban/rural sustainability, workforce development, supplier development and small and minority business development.

This partnership seeks to leverage the strengths of PGC’s Energy Innovation Center, LP with the established program strengths of Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC, and LX3 Holding, LLC, to increase the capacity to extend tangible benefits into each partner’s region. The mission of Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC, is to assist corporations, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs in looking to non-traditional partners to grow their services and bottom line. Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC will be a tenant company at the Energy Innovation Center.

As CEO, Jonah Cooper, Jr., states, “Little did we realize that our introduction to PGC would lead us into such a synergistic alliance.  The opportunities are limitless as we work together to provide the resources to help grow the workforce with a new generation of innovative leaders.”

Together, PGC and Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC will work to build strategic alliances and progressive partnerships, with a focus on public-private partnerships, to bring together communities, the local government, the state government, the philanthropic community, the corporate community and small to moderate sized business, to continue to develop initiatives in the areas mentioned above. The Pittsburgh Gateways’ Energy Innovation Center, LP in Pittsburgh has tenants and collaborative partners who may also benefit from this new strategic partnership.

Dr. Robert A. Meeder, CEO & President of Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation and Energy Innovation Center, LP, states, “The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and an organization’s success depends upon leadership that can inspire the full development of human potential. We are excited to be working with two organizations that bring deep experience and skill to the capacity to change at the speed of technology, market and social evolution. It is the new leadership imperative.”

Additionally, Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC and LX3 are engaged in a collaboration with the NFL Alumni Association to develop The NFL Alumni Job Training Service Center. This is a unique workforce development hub that specifically intends to assist veterans, incumbent workers, self-employed, or unemployed current and former on and off-field personnel and their spouses. Locating the prototype Service Center inside the Energy Innovation Center will not only help those looking for a job, but it will also expose clients to new career options.

Lenward (Jay) Bentley, Jr, CEO and President of LX3 Holding, LLC states, “In pursuit of lifelong dreams, professional athletes are naturally displaced from their collegiate areas of study, which would support them to enter the workforce. Once their dream has run its natural course and the ball that once bounced in their favor has gone flat, the football phrase ‘sudden change’ takes on a new meaning. The NFL Alumni Service Center exists to aid the NFL Alumni members in their transitional phase from the field back to the workforce. Nelson Mandela stated, ‘I never lose, I either win or learn.’ It’s never too late to learn!”

Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation is both proud and excited to enter this strategic partnership with Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC and LX3 Holding, LLC.

For more information, contact:

Liz Harper, Pittsburgh Gateways
412-651-2778 or

Deborah Scott, Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC
215-778-1667 or

Lenward Bentley Jr., LX3 Holding LLC
404-304-1854 or

About Pittsburgh Gateways
Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation’s mission is to provide strategic planning, development and direct management assistance for communities, community-based economic development organizations, research & academic institutions and private entities seeking the acceleration of technology-based businesses. Incorporated into this mission is our goal to combat community deterioration in the City of Pittsburgh and other economically distressed areas of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information, visit

About Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC
Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC is comprised of consulting experts with long-term and wide-ranging national expertise which includes the fields of workforce development, leadership development, diversity training, education & training, entrepreneurship, business engagement and supplier development. Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC works within industry sectors which include Healthcare, Communications, Information Technology, Hospitality & Retail, Construction Trades, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Transportation, Logistics & Distribution. Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC is committed to helping develop strategic partnerships for the “possible” that might otherwise be overlooked. Jonah Cooper, Jr. LLC is in the business of believing, powered by innovative vision and broad-based experience which serves to make us “your partner for the possible.” For more information, visit

About LX3 Holding LLC
LX3 Holding, LLC, is an Atlanta-based strategic economic development agency that cross-pollinates municipalities with innovative technology and actively elicits community involvement while working with local governments as well as the charitable and private sectors to build strong communities, industries, and markets. LX3 is currently working with the NFL Alumni Association, NFL Alumni Academy, WAV Sports and Entertainment, Infusion HF70+, and multiple private corporations to influence the economic impact in several locations worldwide. LX3 seeks to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and groups of people with the necessary skills needed to effect change within their communities. For more information, visit